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Online Examination System – Why Do You Need One?

Online Examination System

Author: Bizzman; Published on: March 28, 2020

Technological advancements have led to a significant evolution in educational methods and strategies. Nowadays, education is not only limited to a classroom but has expanded far and wide. Training institutes across the world implement state-of-the-art technology to ease the process of admission, fee payment, examination and performance evaluation. The online examination system is highly favourite […]

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Top 6 Benefits of Launching An Online Coaching App

Online Coaching App

Author: Bizzman; Published on: March 14, 2020

Technological advancement has a great impact on the education sector. Many coaching centers are launching mobile apps to offer an easy, fast, convenient and interactive learning process for students. As smartphones increasingly become financially accessible, more and more learners are using these apps. According to a report, the worldwide online marketplace is expected to cross […]

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5 Amazing Tips to Market Educational Apps

Market Educational Apps

Author: Bizzman; Published on: February 26, 2020

There is almost no industry where mobile apps have not proved their value and helped in reaching target customers. Likewise, the education sector is coming up with more and more apps to offer an easy and convenient learning process to students. According to a forecast from Statista report, mobile users downloaded 178.1 billion apps on […]

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10 Web Design Trends You Cannot Afford to Miss in 2020

Web Design Development

Author: Bizzman; Published on: February 13, 2020

As web designing is constantly evolving, designers across the world are getting extremely creative to produce mesmerizing yet functional websites. To increase your web presence and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to have a website that is perfect from every aspect. Approximately 48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one […]

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